HR 1102 Ban the Box

HR 1102 – “Ban the Box” initiatives; facilitate re-entry into workforce; support

A RESOLUTION supporting “Ban the Box” initiatives to facilitate re-entry into the workforce; and for other purposes.

HR 1102 Legislation


Industry & Labor           Mark Hamilton, Chairman

Sponsored by:
(1) Williams, Al 168th  (2) Brooks, Tyrone 55th

(3) Stephenson, Pam 90th   (4) Dawkins-Haigler, Dee 91st

(5) Waites, Keisha 60th   (6) Bennett, Karen 94th

Status History:

Jan/23/2014 – House Second Readers

Jan/22/2014 – House First Readers

Jan/21/2014 – House Hopper

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