Judiciary Non-Civil

Senate Committee

Legislation related to Background Checks 

    • None

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Committee Members
Golick, Rich                    Chairman
Hightower, Dustin           Secretary
Willard, Wendell             Ex-Officio
Crimes Against Children/Controlled Substances/General
Pak, B.J.                        Vice Chairman
Hightower, Dustin          Secretary
Abrams, Stacey             Member
Atwood, Alex                 Member
Coomer, Christian         Member
Dickerson, Pam            Member
Gravley, Micah              Member
Ramsey, Matt                Member
Setzler, Ed                    Member
Crimes Against Persons, Property & Public Administration
Pak, B.J.                       Vice Chairman
Ballinger, Mandi L.        Member
Cooper, Sharon            Member
Kendrick, Dar’shun       Member
Randall, Nikki T.            Member
Setzler, Ed                    Member
Strickland, Brian           Member
History and Duties
 The House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee has jurisdiction over Georgia’s criminal code and procedure, drug enforcement, sentencing, parole and pardons, and immigration. Any legislation that carries a possibility for criminal penalties can be referred to the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.

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