Expungement Reform Study Comm

Senator McKoon Press Conference on findings of the Senate Expungement Reform Study Committee

Atlanta, GA (Jan. 6, 2014) – State Senator Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) shared the findings of the Senate Expungement Reform Study Committee to members of the Capitol Press Corps.

Senate Expungement Reform Study Committee SR247 (2013-2014 session)

Study Committee Report final report issued December 31, 2013

The Senate Expungement Committee was created in the 2013 Session.  The committee, chaired by Sen. Josh McKoon, was created to study 

the process for getting individual’s record expunged to determine if it would be appropriate for Georgia to revise and update these provisions of law    Senate Study Committee Resolution 247

However the study committee hearings and testimonies were not about the expungement process as much as it was about:

  • the GCIC system,
  • applicants who did not follow the FCRA process to correct records,
  • applicants who have lost employment due to identify theft,
  • applicants who did not know or follow the FCRA reinvestigation process,
  • employers using background checks which should not be used for employment purposes,
  • internet instant criminal search (non-employment), mug shot sites
  • inaccurate criminal records from GCIC and databases
  • Georgia Government in how it obtains and uses criminal records for employment
  • background checks that do not follow the FCRA requirements
  • GCIC inaccurate records, and
  • employers who use database criminal records verses background screening firms.

Georgia Background Screening firms testified, more to come regarding the study committee as the subject matter broadened far past the intentions of the Senators.

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