Ban the Box and Ex-offender employability:

Tammy Cohen

Employment Credit Reports:

Erica Clausen-Lee

Applicants Denied Employment due to Background Check

To handle immediately:

1.  Call the employer and ask for:

    • Name of Background Check company
    • Telephone number for Background Check company
    • A copy of your background report

2.  Call the Background Check company:

    • Tell them you want to “dispute” your criminal record
    • They will ask for specific information so that the background report can be reverified with the original source
    • This process can take 5 to 10 days.  This is frustrating to wait on.  However the time delay is due to court houses pulling records that will provide more identification.  The law states a background company has 30 days however most times it does not take that long.

3.  Once you receive word that there was inaccurate information and employer has been updated contact that employer and let them know you are clear of the inaccurate background report.

If the employer tells you that they used a GCIC report, contact the GCIC immediately.

GCIC link

  • If it is inaccurate information then have updated official records to provide the GCIC.
  • If it is the wrong person then have official ID’s available.

This process is just like when you are denied employment.  You receive a letter, dispute the information, the original report is reinvestigated, then you are informed of new results as well as the original company is provided an updated report.

Give the company the details they request

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